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Rosewood Buffet

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Kitchen sink with a cutting board surface. This would be good for the secondary bar sink

kitchen prep sink with cutting board in front of it. looks cool - maybe with a garbage disposal in the sink or a pull out trash can on the cutting board side

Modern interior

Modern Bedroom- this is an amazing bedroom/bachelor pad. The flat screen tv hanging form the ceiling, the steps leading to a sitting area, the fireplace, the desk, the sliding doors leading to the pool area.

傳統大床已過時,今年流行的是榻榻米床,多功能讓你大開眼界,太舒適漂亮了! - 愛經驗

傳統大床已過時,今年流行的是榻榻米床,多功能讓你大開眼界,太舒適漂亮了! - 愛經驗

Island storage ideas

Modern Kitchen with L-shaped, Kitchen island, Simple granite counters, Ultracraft destiny shaker cabinetry, Ceramic Tile