These mix-it-yourself cleaners use environmentally friendly ingredients — like baking soda and vinegar — and are cheap, cheap, cheap!

Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner Save money and help the environment by making your own eyeglass cleaner. Just use 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water. Pour into spray bottle, shake to mix well and you're done!

Vitamin-Ha – Useful Kitchen Tips (19 Pics)

I love this idea for a spice rack. Perfect for apartments and small kitchens! Got of space? Create a sliding pantry!

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Plant trees around the house strategically (on the south and west sides; shading the air-conditioning unit, if possible) to save up to about $250 a year on cooling and heating.

100 Tips for a Greener Home

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The Good Housekeeping Cookbook: Recipes from America's Favorite Test Kitchen (Good Housekeeping Cookbooks) by From the Editors of Good Housekeeping

Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts   from King Arthur Flour

Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts

Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts: King Arthur Flour With their brilliant orange color, pleasingly moist texture, and delightful pumpkin flavor, these baked (not fried) doughnuts are the perfect on-the-go breakfast for a crisp autumn day.