Math scavenger hunt - Great activity to show how we use math in everyday life....could be changed to fit any grade level….image only

Math scavenger hunt - This would be fun for the first week of school, could be changed to fit any grade level….image only I think the last week of school would be fun!

Growing as godly witnesses includes being aware when we are expressing personal opinions. This list could be rewritten and used as a hand-out or visual aide to highlight what opinion sounds like, and how to approach it wisely. wsh

Opinion sentence starters- I would create a chart displaying these sentence starters for opinion writing pieces, then refer to these when modeling how to write an opinion piece. Students could use these to start their opinion writing piece.

Can kids solve real life problems that affect our world? Why not? Many of you know the 7 sterile steps to PBL. How about adding a little more to the 7 steps? Here are a few ideas about how to solve real-life problems with your class.

Are You Using Projects or Project-Based Learning?

Projects or Project-Based Learning?

Great idea for vocab

Spider unit graphic organizer-- Would be great if they could actually spell the word "poisonous". These people are teaching first grade? No wonder.

Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions. I am in love with this!!! :)

Details about NEW SCHOOL CLASSROOM POSTER - Questions for Building Your Brainpower

Questions: Building the Foundation for Critical Thinking. I would add one more question for a more complete foundation for critical thinking: "Why?

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