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Kew House by Piercy & Co - experimental build, driven by architect’s & client’s shared interest in 'kit-of-parts’ approach & self-build possibilities emerging from digital fabrication.

Gridshell model built by 4th year architecture students during the workshop at Estonian Academy of Arts

This workshop combined digital parametric modelling with building physical cardboard and paper prototypes in the Estonian Academy of Arts

Skyscraper by Gokhan Avcıoglu & GAD. The strategy here was to provide a greater amount of floor space that benefited from the vistas in high ceiling, lofty spaces, but also to lessen the impact when looking at the building from the outside.


Cities have amazing varieties of block shapes and sizes that give place a distinct character. The artist from Things Organized Neatly highlights these patterns by deconstructing street maps into piles of city blocks organized by size.

The Architectural Review Drawings Folio

Arquine The classic model of skyscrapers provides its inhabitants with a space sandwiched between a core, mostly in concrete, takes care of most vertical lateral efforts. Yet wet employ enormous effort to mediate between the outside a