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Lily - The Camera That Follows You

Lily is the newest drone on the block and she's geared for the actioner as she contains a tracking device. Don't hurl yourself down a mountain without Lily capturing your sick moves.


iShower by iDevices - A Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Shower Speaker

3 degrees of the Blue Lodge

3 degrees of the Blue Lodge. <--Now I'm finding it suspicious that the countdown from three is so popular. Why not count from four, or five, or ten?

August Smart Lock by Yves Behar

Home entry as we know it is set for a shake up as renowned designer Yves Behar and tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson, co-founders in the August Smart Lock, forever change the way we access our homes. The August Smart Lock re-examines all aspects of t

Leap Motion Controller Ship Date Delayed Until July 22, Due To A Need For A Larger, Longer Beta Test | TechCrunch

The Leap Motion Controller - Raise your hands and wave hello to the future. The Leap Motion controller senses your individual hand and finger movements so you can interact directly with your computer.

Uber's back in Gotham: NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission approves cab-hailing app

Car service Uber and New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) have had a rocky relationship, as the Commission banned Uber from Gotham's taxicabs l.

Now there’s an app to help you dodge bullets — Tech News and Analysis

The Russian Fund of perspective researches conducted researches of the bullets printed on the Tests showed that ammunition doesn't concede to

Jpegs Hooks by Thabto

Inspired by the classic wooden clothes peg, these hooks can manage just about anything from your keys to coats and bags and also wrangle your mail at the same time. Or, stick a love note in the clothes pin. Or lunch money!