Get the recipe ♥ Bell Pepper Egg in a Hole @recipes_to_go

20 Best Healthy Breakfasts to Start the Perfect Day

Breakfast Recipes Egg Recipes Bell pepper egg-in-a-hole. A simple and delicious way to make use of extra bell peppers. Thanks to Natashas Kitchen.

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display.. I know I will want this later in life

42 Craft Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell

transferring image to wood: cut wax paper to size of printer paper, put through printer with guidance, place ink side down on contrasting wood, push ink into wood using the edge of a card - use muscle, gently lift and seal.

Natural birth advice. I love her list!

my best tips for an unmedicated childbirth {during labor}--Some non-judgmental, practical natural birth advice. Some really good advice for natural births at the hospital, including different positions to progress and help with labor pains.

Haha...interesting! There are ways you can know whether you are having a baby girl or a boy without using the USG. Your physical appearance as well as other subtle sign can be used pretty reliably to determine whether you are going to paint the baby’s room blue or pink. The infographic also contains information on what you can do in term of dieting to nudge the gender selection towards your wish.

How to Know if it's a Boy or Girl - Gender Prediction Quiz

Chinese calendar was amazingly accurate for predicting my children! How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl Infographic - This is so fun even if it may not be true. According to most of these it's a girl!


Sommarens drink: Vitt vin Piggelin. Bra som välkomstdrink

Vi fortsätter lite i fiskens tecken... En festligt förrätt med laxröra i snapsglas, passar utmärkt som entrérätt till skaldjurskvällen eller som en del av plockmaten på en buffé. När skördefesten k...

En festligt förrätt med laxröra i snapsglas, passar utmärkt som entrérätt