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Santorini, Greece An island with more churches than houses, more donkeys than people, and more wine than water (or so a sign on the bathroom door told me)… Santorini really is a

celery root puree with roasted herbed beets

Celery Root Puree with Herbed Beets a house in the hills - interiors, style, food, and dogs

Watermelon Lemonade - looks so refreshing!

Watermelon Lemonade - The ultimate summer twist, spruced it up by adding fresh, pur& watermelon juice and whole chunks of watermelon in the drink dispenser. The result was an incredibly delicious watermelon lemonade!

II F O O D II Bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls

Bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls - quick and easy healthy recipe loaded with plant-based nutrition and awesome flavor. Vegetarian and easily made vegan! Just use vegetarian fish sauce.