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I think that I could reconstruct this in a DIY with pallets, reupholestered futon or patio mattress, shower curtain rods/tracks, and a curtain.isn't it a great outdoor budget idea?

this might be it. inexpensive materials elegantly done. from

Furniture:Cool Design For White Sleek Modern Cabinets Use Leather As The Handle Leather Material: An Alternative Way to Add Rusticity and Gl.

Väggar: Nordsjö Ambiance XTRA MATT färgkod: wR1 7.6 w1 200 wY1 29 wZ1 41.6 (detta recept gäller en 10 l burk) + (!) wR 1 3.8 wW1 100 wY1 14,5 wZ1 20.8 (detta gäller en 5 l burk)

Living room with style by House of Philia. Walls painted with Nordsjö Ambiance XTRA MATT – 200