A little bowl containing orange slices attracts butterflies in droves, who knew?

Bowl of Butterflies by heartcaptured: Taken at The Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens, PA. This little bowl of orange slices attracted butterflies in droves

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Forums / Images & Graphics / Butterflies - Swirlydoos Monthly Scrapbook Kit Club ideal for butterfly shapes for tatto'd thigh


The Moon - symbol of the Dark Mother.cycles show all the phases of life as well as the faces of the Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Matron Crone.

eucalyptus rhodantha | ph. Clare Snow

Eucalyptus Rhodantha - "rose mallee" is an endangered plant endemic to Western Australia


Lichen is a living organism that invites the eye to explore its unique tones, styles, and patterns.

"Art Forms in Nature" (1928) by Karl Blossfeldt (1865 - 1932), a German professor of design in Berlin.

"Art Forms in Nature" by Karl Blossfeldt - a German professor of design in Berlin. (might wanna relate to earsnt haeckel).



Nature's Artwork colourful sea urchin shells with beautiful texture and surface pattern inspiration