William Morris "Honeysuckle"

William Morris Honeysuckle design - probably killed thousands with arsenic in the green pigment. Disclaimers were made of the poisonous substance, but many were so caught up in the luxury of the color that they didn't seem to care.

Bird and Pomegranate wallpaper, by William Morris

William Morris 'Bird and Pomegranate' Wallpaper Design, printed by John Henry Dearle - Giclee Print

Teal meadow wallpaper by Hannah Nunn

Paper Meadow wallpaper in teal - a quiet and gentle wallpaper design by Hannah Nunn featuring cow parsleys, dandelion clocks, grasses and seeds blowing in the wind.

William Morris pattern/ illustration

William Morris - 'Sweet Briar' design for wallpaper, printed by John Henry Dearle 1917 - Fine Art Reproduction, individual art card

Vackra tranor på tapeten från Eco Simplicity, designad av Emma von Brömssen. I Engelska Tapetmagasinet I Swedish I Wallpaper I

Eco Simplicity - Dancing Crane Design by Emma von Brömssen

Emma von Bromssen - Eco simplicity Botanica wallpaper

Slow life