Backless Quarter Sleeve Lace Jersey Wedding Gown Boho Chic Dress Beach Hippie Rustic Vintage Summer Cottage Farm

Lovely lace trimmed back half white dress fashion. THIS is my style wedding dress. And it has sleeves!

Modern Wedding Vows

Save this for your wedding day because we have theo sweetest and simplest modern wedding day vows you'll want to steal for your own wedding!

Becky – Cristina Tamborero Atelier

The new collection by Cristina Tamborero is inspired in the magic from fairy tales, and is named Incantesimo. A collection where the silhouettes turn brides into true princesses and mermaids, ench…

Berry Tone Beauty & A Unique Bridal Gown | Wedding Dress Inspiration | Photography by Aglow Photography

Berry Tone Beauty & A Unique Bridal Gown