Turkey craft

You know what’s exciting? Creating some one-of-a-kind crafts with your child! And with Easter right around the corner, this Popsicle Stick Baby Chick Kid Craft is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Blow paint monsters: Thin some tempera paint with water. Drop small amounts on paper, then use a straw to blow the paint across the page, making "monster" shapes. Add mouths and wiggly eyes.

OMG0 Halloween costume- the old man from Up! SOOOO Cute! http://media-cache5.pinterest.com/upload/201254677068127085_ORSidh0I_f.jpg www.tappocity.com FamilyFunmag arts crafts

So pretty! Make a cherry blossom tree painting with a 2 liter bottle. Any girl would love this in her room!