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YES! There is a McD's right down the road from the stable...on the summer to do list with the girls

Oh, so funny, we used to do this when we lived on base-through the Burger King. Was always a kick to see the funny looks!

Always thought this would be really cool. I found one once when I was younger. Who knows who might read your message one day

This should be the message: "Hello there, human. With the sun shining on your eyes? I may never be able to live your life, so you must live it for me. Sincerely, A Shy Mermaid"

Make crayon melt. I got sent to the principal's office for melting them on the radiator in grade school. From Mileena Maki. #bucketlist

Melted Crayon art is very beautiful and simple. You will need: Crayons Tape Hair dryer Canvas How to create a melted crayon art: A ttach the crayons on the canvas using glue and then tape it. Let it dry. Now spread a newspaper and keep the canvas slant…