Concrete Obsession: Transparent glass tube vase in grey concrete stand by cementology

Transparent glass tube vase in grey concrete stand - same concept with lipped vase so it hangs (and bigger size) for holding / growing basil in a window sill.

DIY Concrete coated roses - rustic gray. Smile Mercantile.

In this tutorial I'm sharing my technique for making concrete flowers using silk roses from the thrift store, and cement mix.

Smaller Vintage Inspired Concrete Eggs With blue by VintageSkye, $7.00

Smaller Vintage Inspired Concrete Eggs ~ could probably do this with plastic eggs as mold, sprayed with oil inside so it wont stick

betong ute och inne

betong ute och inne - press a cheap rubber mat into the concrete for a beautiful pattern.

concrete egg diy

Pour cement directly into egg shells and remove shells once cement has set. Perfect for encouraging nesting or as a replacement when removing eggs from a broody hen.ärna-betong-290914ärna-betong-290914

Mix & Make: 15 Cool Concrete DIY Projects | Dotcoms for Moms

HomeMade Modern DIY Bloktagons Options - molds for concrete vases and candles, all made out of paper

Cement + branches = Mike Christmas present for the Deer wall

Creative DIY Cement Deer Head Sculpture: "I am in love with nature my deer.