Marinas trädgård

Using a concrete bowl (made from a rhubard leaf) as a succulant plant holder. Would be lovely as a bath or food holder för birds.

Charlotte Petterssons romantiska trädgård

Charlotte Pettersson: ”Det här är min plätt på jorden”

Isas Trädgård

and the same for only 169 euros (vs last pin from a swiss shop at 418 chf) at a finish shop!


to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Fashion and Vintage styles.

Trädgård. Uterum.

We are turning our poor, beat up screened in porch into a sunroom/dining room. This is a neat idea.not sure we can pull it off though.

Lättskött trädgård

Glöm kampen mot ogräs i rabatten och släpp mossan fri i gräsmattan.

white alliums in the garden

From My Home to Your Home: White Flowers and Plants

Dozens of 'White Giant' alliums hover over the huge leaves of Astilboides tabularis. The massive foliage helps to cover the alliums' withering leaves when the flowers stop blooming