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Jeanette Skoglund

Jeanette Skoglund
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Last summer we embarked on a big landscaping project for our hillside and we continued this spring by adding more plantings and expanding the bed.  You can read all about our creating a hillside garden here and then an updated post here. Obviously, this is a huge transformation from the barren slope we found when we moved here. …

How to build an Organic Raised Bed on a Sloped Yard -

How to Terrace a Slope by Raised-Garden-Beds: Diagram for raised beds on slope. Use bricks or blocks or terrace the foundation soil. #Raised_Beds #Gardens

Raised Beds On A Slope . Place bricks or blocks under the down-slope edges of raised beds to level them and create a terraced slope. The soil will not run out of the gaps on the ends. Or, with a little shovel work, you can terrace the foundation soil fo

Show me your retaining walls!

Ok have got pics of our L) hand side retaining wall.