Pallet Planters! What a great idea!

TGG Fav Five: Pallet Planters

Pallette Sculpture to make a wall cool? Hacker I need to show Donny this, he didn't think we could use a pallet-I see two herb gardens, LOL! How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

40 Genius Space-Savvy Small Garden Ideas and Solutions - Here's a Vertical Pallet Garden!

DIY Vertical Gardens - Are they all safe? -

Pallet Planter with Terracotta Pots . with some hose clamps and screws to secure the pots, this old pallet has been upcycled into a feature vertical garden. For more inspiration, see 20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in Your Garden

Build a bean or pea teepee, the garden obelisk

DIY Vine Teepee by viewsfromthegarden If you made it large enough, you could protect lettuce underneath. A way to have clematis & other good vines such as hummingbird, glory vine, morning glory and cardinal vines.


Terrific use of planters to frame your deck area. Mix mosquito repellent plants in to keep sitting outdoors enjoyable!