Chocolate cupcakes with mjölkchoklad frosting

Chocolate cupcakes with mjölkchokladfrosting cupcake arrangement, fork, berries on table, angle.

Raspberry and almond muffins | Linda Lomelino

Deliciously fresh recipe for breakfast / Raspberry and almond muffins / Linda Lomelino

Vinbärsmuffins med citron och vallmofrön | Linda Lomelino

Call me cupcake: Gluten free red currant crumble & red currant poppy seed muffins

Linda Lomelino | Bakblogg: cupcakes och tårtor du bara måste sluka

Notes: Composition - positive thirds space, cropped bowl, best in threes. Autumnal warm colours Complementary colours orange/green 'Mess' on spoon and table Served in a cup