House Doctor's Authentic Notes - welcomes a season of soirée in the garden.

Beautiful outdoor seating area and a cement coffee table. Get the same look with Candle Impressions outdoor LED candles and Paradise string lights.

Firkantede fiberclay med strå og potteroser.

Soft white beach wall mural poster , side bench seaside seating , concrete gray plant planters pot on light wood customized floor in bedroom .

God fredag, kjære dere!   Hurra, jeg snublet tilfeldigvis over disse bildene! De er fra en reportasje (jeg visstnok leste i Interiørmagasinet) som har brent seg fast i hodet mitt. Nå når vi planl


Home-built bed on the terrace in the shadow under the parasol. The bamboo fence patronises beautifully over the years and becomes silver gray, which gives an exotic feature.

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