My heart skipped a beat when I my eyes passed over this charming photograph | Fabriken | Fine Little Day

Fabriken vintage shop in Gothenburg, Sweden. │ Photo: Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day


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Gothenburg by Werner Nystrand, via Flickr

Gothenburg, Sweden - Neoclassical architecture lines its tram-rattled streets, grit-hip cafes hum with bonhomie, and there's always some cutting-edge art and architecture to grab your attention. Photo by Werner Nystrand

Gothenburg, Sweden - Love this pic from Gothenburg! I wish I was more into photography when I was there to take better pics!

I think this image stands out due to the leading lines and the cross pattern between the rail lines. I feel that it also stands out because the lines start to disappear as they get further away. I think the dusk lighting also adds to the image with soft l

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