Hey! My names Max and I’m a Tumblr and Pinterest addict. I read and write short stories in my free time. I’m also gay and non binary. 🌈
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Owner: NatI answer your questions, share relatable asexuality posts, and try to make people laugh and feel loved.

I keep questioning myself… yet I actually think sex is gross and weird.

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One of my best friends just came out as asexual aromantic and I hope everyone is always as supportive around him as right now. But, with trump normalizing bigotry I'm not so sure this will be the case .

What does asexuality actually mean? Here are 19 illustrations and comics that explain what being asexual is really like for young women and men.

booberstank: “ Saw this graffiti in Leeds, the best graffiti I’ve seen. ” “binarism is for computers”

HAMILTON ON ICE (Hamilton x YURI on Ice)<<<< this is a crossover I never thought would work but that I didn't know I desperately needed

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