Cool. Cool, cool, cool. This is why I shouldn't purposefully forget Rhino after uni's trauma

Love this… Vertical timber slats to dress a block wall… Plays tricks on the…

Metropol Parasol // The World’s Largest Wooden Structure - Seville (Spain)

Metropol Parasol // The World’s Largest Wooden Structure

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store by Neri&Hu

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store by Neri&Hu, Seoul, South Korea Part of the facade and the interior composed of brass rods lattice creates a see-thorugh surface.

Glass mosaic

Nakamura’s Optical Glass House is composed of roughly 6000 glass blocks strung together by stainless steel. Soundproof the façade cancel out external noise while allowing light and air to pass through and revealing only a mosaic of the lush garden inside.

Two-Face Furniture - Norell/Rodhe

Norell/Rodhe TWO-FACE FURNITURE Urban furniture, Karosta, Latvia, 2014 The former USSR naval base Karosta and its abandoned and decaying buildings are fuelling a vibrant art community as well as.

Red brick buildings wrap around an elevated piazza at this education centre in Rwanda

Brick and wicker education centre in Rwanda by Dominikus Stark

brick house: Clay brick education centre in Rwanda by Dominikus Stark Architekten

Concrete breeze blocks |  HonestlyWTF

Breeze Blocks

The breeze block is offered in various shapes and sizes and we put together some great tips for using wind blocks for various projects at home. They can be used to build raised garden beds.

This black brick building has a 'crack' in it to reveal the entrance.

The entrances to this brick building are pulled away like a curtain

This black brick building in Korea has sections of curved brickwork that expose the entrances, and also curve down to meet the sidewalk.

From Nature: Creative Interior Design of Rosemoo Office in Beijing, Beijing, 2015 - Cun-Design

From Nature: Creative Interior Design of Rosemoo Office in Beijing Chief Designer: Cui Shu Design Company: Cun-Design ( Function: Creative Office for A Clothing Brand Design Time: Completion Time: 2015 Area:.

Love the modern glass sunroom addition to this otherwise old home. I love the juxtaposition of modern and old, clean line slick and rough. I love the idea of having such fun solarium for winter days to watch the snowflakes fall while you snuggle up inside...

a sleek new room creates high contrast when added to a rustic stone cabin - Roly House in Belgium

This “see-though” brickwork is called hit-and-miss brickwork

Harold Street Residence / Jackson Clements Burrows - Architects - ressed red brickwork to the external facades