Céline Catalogue Winter 14/15 by Kira Bunse

Minimal Accessories // Céline Catalogue Winter by Kira Bunse // camel coat and bag with fur belt


Zita Merényi

Rather than sewing together sections of grey neoprene fabric, Zita Merényi used heat to fuse the edges of the plastic-based material to form clothes for her Provo-CUT collection.

Sculptural Fashion - rigid cage construct over tailored apparel; wearable sculpture // Judith van Vliet SS13

Diplômée de l’Utrecht University of the Arts en Judith Van Vliet interroge…

Sculptural Knitwear Design - knitted top with 3D circular silhouette; geometric fashion // Matilda Norberg

reginasworld: “ Knitwear by Matilda Norbergo for her final collection at Royal College of Art called “Earth’s Crust / Material Rules” ”