Turn a bottle into a watering can. That is awesome! >> so neat!

Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor - modern - gardening tools - the balcony gardener

Pumpkin hummus

Hummus de calabaza, para dar la bienvenida al otoño!


Interior styling # Beachwood love both the concrete walls and the pressed flowers categorized on the wall

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

I believe I want a Geo-Dome! How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse March 2013 · by Anna · Northern Homestead

A conference table with swings for chairs would make any meeting fun.

The King Arthur Round Table revolutionizes the office boardroom. Created by British furniture designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, the table set features swings instead of chairs.

the school children at Mill Lane School in Chinnor, Oxfordshire collected 1,500 plastic bottles over the past 18 months in order to construct a greenhouse.

UK School Children Build a Greenhouse Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles...

Carrots / Mowielicious

Carrots / Mowielicious (before carrots were orange they were purple, white, and blue)

Beautiful alternative to traditional shade structures B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M:

an art installation by landscape architects atelier altern, sylvain morin and aurelien zoia, who created this to draw attention to the massive reduction in varieties of salad greens available.

Carrot and Orange Soup / Souvlaki for the Soul

Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and Orange Soup - Souvlaki For The Soul-Earthy. Very aromatic. And a little spicy. Learn how to make this gorgeous carrot and orange soup.

Chalkboard Picnic Table This would be cool and when And if it rains you have a clean slate! Sorry for the pun LS

Chalkboard paint on a picnic table…fun, entertaining, and customizable for party themes! Kids would have a blast creating their eating space! Chalkboard paint on a picnic table…fun, entertaining, and customizable…