Japanese anemone grow great in dry clay, partial shade - Anemones, Chicago Botanic Garden


Is there such a thing as too many pink peonies? We didn’t think so! Peonies are my favorite flower!


The simplicity of the rustic pots matched with the white background lets these plants shine!

Phalaenopsis_purple_yellow_pink_home_cheerful orchids

Beautiful orchids to brighten up your home...

From acorn to oak: Pick several acorns, preferably in October, when they are in an ideal condition. Place the acorns in a bowl of water, and after 3 to 6 weeks, they should have started to germinate. Do not forget to change water often to avoid mould growth. Fill the Acorn vase with water and put your sprouting acorn in it. If the acorn is to small for the vase, use head pins to help it fit. After a further 3 to 6 weeks, a delicate little oak seedling will sprout.

Small farming vases have received a huge boost, and this is the mother of all. It is hard to resist the things that have that little nerve.

A tall vase of Oriental lilies is on everyone’s holiday list. Perfect for winter parties or holiday décor.

A tall vase of White Oriental lilies. I love the mix of blooming lilies and unopened bulbs in the arrangement. Something about lilies and how incredibly balanced a vase of them can be.

Chinese Money Plant.