Sugar scrubs.

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes - use this simple base, pick your favorite scent! I use sunflower oil instead though because I don't like the smell of the olive oil.

Orange peel candles.

A great idea for orange peels before composting! Orange rind tea light holders decorated with cloves, these must smell amazing!


Grey & White Herringbone Quilt Chick oh oh oh! its classier and more grown up than chevron. I have been trying to find just the right chevron pattern, but this one fits the bill! (for today :P) but i have loved herringbone for years :)


Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas for the lamp with pink shade in the reading zone

Wine cork stamp.

Reuse your wine corks by turning them into custom stamps! With these ideas for wine bottles and corks, you can make a cute apple stamp to use for autumn greeting cards, back to school crafts, and more.

Leaning shelf.

Comment fabriquer un panneau d'étagères - DIY/ Leaning Natural Wood Shelf

Pom poms.

Join us at Brooklyn Craft Camp! - Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! - the purl bee

Vintage patchwork quilt.

upon our return

Vintage patchwork curtain.

Patchwork Curtain at the Bedroom Door - nice way of displaying a decorative quilt, could use it over our 'wardrobe' area

Cookies as gifts. Wrapping.

Wrap Cookies for Gift Giving How-To ~ transforming simple things like paper lunch bags and leftover yarn and fabric scraps to create charming gift packages for the holidays!