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Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree -

Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree. Great idea to add some color to the bottom of your trees! Just wrap feet of chicken wire around the tree trunk!

Shade Garden Plants

Shade Garden Plants: Sweet Woodruff Cotton Candy Grass Bigroot Geranium Impatiens Fuschia Coral Bells Coleus Catnip White Queen Caladium Lobelia Feverfew Bleeding Heart Toad Lily Meadowsweet Miss Indigo Primrose Astilbe Pulmonaria (Lungwort) Yellow Coryda

DIY Yard and Garden Makeover ideas. Hide ugly eye sores like AC units with a garden

Lush, Low-Care Planting around an air conditioner.with switchgrass, blue caryopteris, blue fescue and purple-leaf Joe Pye weed.