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BITTERGURKA Hanging planter IKEA Hang your herbs by a window, then unhook and bring to the table or cooking pot for fresh herbs with every meal.

Förvandla några IKEA prylar till ett komplett Aquaponics system - GjordNära Tunnelväxthus - Polytunnel prisvärda Växthus, bågväxthus

In-home aquaponics unit designed for the next generation kitchen or living room. It grows one meal a day: a portion of fish and a side salad. Aquaponics farming is a technique that combines the cultivation of fish with the growing of vegetables.

Indoor Aquaponics: Bring The Garden Inside To Save Space - From Desk Jockey To Survival Junkie

Instructions for using a 20 gallon aquarium for setting up a small aquaponics system. (This could be a fun way to experiment growing greens hydroponically.