We traditionally think that flashy colours are the only option for kids’ rooms, however, there are other ways to decorate their spaces. We can find lots of lovely black and white rooms. Now, we are telling you how grey, which comes from the mix of black and white, can become your favourite. Brightness, simplicity and […]

6 Neutral Kids Rooms wih a Touch of Grey

A simple grey bedroom, great for guest bedrooms. Mix the tones of grey paint used to create a bit of light in the room.

Minimalistiskt kontor i gråskala

DIY Photo Wall Hanging -

IKEA ¿Qué tienes detrás del sofá? Este despachito está hecho a partir de soluciones de almacenaje de pared; cuenta con un escritorio y mucho espacio para guardar material y para que puedan trabajar dos personas a la vez.

This home office up is made by using wall storage to make a desk and plenty of space for materials, organising and for two to work at the same time.