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Persian Eggplant Stew (Khoresh Bademjan) made with golden turmeric, rose water soaked saffron, plump raisins, and caramelized stringy onions, in an unequivocally divine tomato based broth (#vegan) //

persian eggplant stew (khoresh bademjan) with golden turmeric, rose water soaked saffron, raisins, & caramelized onions, in a tomato based broth (vegan)

Persian Jeweled Rice is a beautiful and celebratory vegetarian dish

Persian Jeweled Rice- never heard of this rice even though I grew up with Persian food. and using fresh pomegranates aren't very common in Persian cuisine but would replace with zereshk.

Persian Lentil Soup Recipe - via Sweet Paul Magazine #sweetpaul

Dried limes or black limes provide a complex flavor to many Iranian dishes. They not only give the tang of a fresh lime but also add a fermented musky depth of flavor. In this lentil soup the dried lime and sumac add brightness to match the fresh herbs.

Easy Tuscan Bean Soup (30 Minute Mondays!)

This easy Tuscan bean soup is the perfect meal for stormy weather and busy weeknights! It’s Monday! My dog is barking like an insane fool at the garbage collection tru (Butter Beans Kale)