Kleur uit Eigenwijs, zachtere versie zit in Romantisch Blueish green, lovely!

Nya toner (Malin Persson)

I like how the composition and quiet green gray wall color draws you into this interior still life photograph by Lerkenfeldt Photography. Multiple green tones and subtle pattern in the draped wallpaper.

borås tapeter

I love the chevron pillow pattern against the lattice on the floor; same color, different design. Also adds more colour to the room.

Boråstapeter, Mineral

A subtle, warm, and restful hue. See the latest nude color trend in these inspiring interiors. A style series devoted to color palettes in interior design.

Fritiof (NW) - Tapeter - Sandberg Tyg & Tapet mörkgrå

The beautiful stonewashed linen texture of Fritiof, which is also found in Maj, creates a cosy, modern look. It can be coordinated with all the wallpapers in the Götheborg collection.

Wallpaper Ypsilon, designed by Arne Jacobsen. - Borås tapeter

Välkommen Ypsilon!

Wallpaper Ypsilon, designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Mineral, Boråstapeter  http://sofiasinredning.blogg.se/category/inspiration-tapeter.html

Mineral, Boråstapeter http://sofiasinredning.blogg.se/category/inspiration-tapeter.html