Kitchen interior design

*dark grey color Materials, metal/ brass accents, open backsplash w/ no uppers; tile to ceiling. inset shaker-style w/ minimally detailed hardware.


Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. Shabby and Charme: Nordic Style…una bella casa norvegese

Lantkök med platsbyggda snickerier. Stenskiva i Portugisisk kalksten, Azul valverde 40 mm, från Stenfirma Valter Eklund. Diskho Kubus, Franke. Kran Victoria, Badex. Lampa, Garbo. Foto: Pernilla Hed

Köksinspiration: Lantligt

L U N D A G Å R D | Looove this kitchen!!!

Inset the end supports on the table to allow for an additional chair. I would need only eight chairs, therefore a smaller table.