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Spirillum volutans

Spirillum volutans is a gram-negative, flagellated spirochete. The bacterium is found in freshwater.

Bacteriophage - These bacteria-infecting viruses, phages for short, are the most abundant life-form on the planet, their number far exceeding that of stars in the universe. Trillions inhabit each of us. Photograph by Department of Microbiology, Biozentrum, University of Basel/Photo Researchers, Inc All Images Colorized

Bacteriophage - Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria. Humans are not the only ones that can get infected. These viruses get into a bacteria, replicate themselves, and then cause the bacteria to burst! I wierd because I think this is beautiful and I want to hang a picture of it in my house?

This is what bacteria looks like under the microscope. They are one celled organisms and most of them are harmless but some of them are harmful. They exist everywhere including our bodies.