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Sigil Athenaeum

Hello! can I get a Sigil for "I trust my intuition" thank you! “I trust my intuition” sigil

Naria Noir Sigils

Stability Sigil This sigil represents strenght, stability and wisdom. It carries the rune Eihwaz on it´s core.

Sigil Athenaeum

Hello! can I get a Sigil for "I trust my intuition" thank you! “I trust my intuition” sigil

All Things Magick

This is my blog for all things magickal, pagan, wicca, neo-wicca, tarot, spellcraft, norse, nordic, lokean etc... I don't give my religion a title because I believe a mixture of things. I am a...

Sigil Athenaeum

“My wishes come true” sigil requested by anonymous Sigil requests are closed.

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This blog is anactive, but feel free to check out my sigils on the sigil masterlist or check out my FAQ page if you like. Be kind, my friends. ~Rose

Tea Party For The Witches

borboranoir: “ To Help with Pain Sigil This sigil is meant to help with physical pain, specifically with injuries or chronic illness. 💜 Requested by @ball-jointed-wing ”

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

May I have a sigil to dispel and protect against all hexes & curses. Also to protect against people, spirits and entities with negative and vengeful tendencies. Thank you so much!!! Sigil to protect...

Sigil Athenaeum

“Archangel Michael protects me” sigil requested by anonymous sigil requests closed until Saturday

Eurythmy Circles in NYC - hAmoves eurythmy

Experience conscious unity of people moving together in a eurythmy circle. Let’s walk consciously on the Earth. Let’s move in harmony.

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

Sigil for overcoming fear and inner blockages

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism: Photo

Welcome! This blog is run by Wolfofantimony only. Posts you'll find here, have to do with spirituality, occultism, esotericism, philosophy, and mysticism among other things. Might see a wolf image here or there. 🐺🐾 PAID sigil, and reading commissions are open!

dat sigil witch

rinzijade: “ “I am free of fear and anxiety” This is hands-down the most difficult sigil I’ve made. ”