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Marie Solberg

Marie Solberg
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Big Crow and Little Crow

This unusual drawing of happy crows makes me sad. Maybe because it reminds me of the "ocean breathes salty" video, or maybe because I know I can't fly into my parent's waiting open arms like this happy little crow does.

Differences between crows and ravens. Ravens are also smarter and live up to 30 years. A crow will live 8-10 years.

What's the difference between a raven and a crow? One of the most obvious differences is size, crows are about as large as pigeons, while ravens can be as big as a red tailed hawk, almost twice as big!

Sweet Red | Barefoot Wine & Bubbly-this is my new favorite wine. It's a good red without the bitter.

Our Sweet Red wine likes to chill with fruity notes of raspberry, pomegranate and cherry. Spend summer with the best Sweet Red wine and friends.