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Love the peppermint candy theme for xmas! My kitchen Xmas decor is all gingerbread house themed. Plus, you can reuse a lot of the solid red and white pieces for other holidays! (think Valentine's Day!

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I had a white light decorated branch in the nursery when Littles was eensy. Would like to have one again in the living room. Love how she hanged stars, too. Use insulating foam to hold the branch upright in the pot.

Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas - pink deer, boxes and decorations on tree

Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Interior

Christmas in coming up soon! The most wonderful time of the year determine people to hurry up, finish their day by day duties and start thinking at the Christmas tree, which would be the perfect ho.

2012 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces | Modern Funiture

Christmas Decorating -- Create a Hanging Window Display. Look out on something pretty -- a basic painted frame strung with ribbon and hung with ornaments jazzes up a window and requires zero rearranging.

Fresh and Modern Christmas Decor

Make a Glass-Ornament Christmas Topiary. Would be cute in spring colors. Buy Christmas balls on clearance. Idea for craft club?

Bauble Wreath Modern Christmas Decoration

Wooden Bauble Christmas Wreath

DIY Modern Christmas Tree

DIY Modern Christmas Tree