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Emotiv: Mind control gaming

The Emotiv headset picks up the electrical activity of neurons firing inside a person's brain and interprets your thoughts to control a computer game (Image: Emotiv)

10 major health benefits of #marijuana -

Is it bad that I think this is funny? Unfortunately, there does seem to be a big difference between eating organic hemp products versus smoking for THC.This infographic explains 10 major health benefits of marijuana!

CBD analysis on the brain

Strokes run in my family. This is something i worry about from time to time as I have had two pulmonary embolisms. This gives me a little bit of solace.

the lightest material in the world, a strong metal mesh one-hundreth the density of styrofoam #tech #cool #gadget

the lightest material ever created: a strong metal mesh about 25 percent less dense than the wispiest aerogel, a foamlike material that was the old record holder. A brick-size piece of the new mesh would weigh less than a paper clip.