Markus Nävergård

Markus Nävergård

Markus Nävergård
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Heroes Of The Storm - Character Art - Animation

f Paladin plate armor shield flail hilvl

Diabloiii Shield by ruan_jia (Ruan Jia) - Digital ArtLords

Female Crusader ~ Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Diabloiii Shield by ruan_jia (Ruan Jia) - Digital ArtLords

Odontotyrannos- Greek myth: a giant reptilian beast with one horn and a green tinge. it attacked Alexander the great and his men. it took 1300 soldiers to drag its body.

Greg Broadmore - Dino Run

Knightly by Max-Dunbar on deviantART

My warmup sketch for the day. Some kinda knight type guy.

Toutes les tailles | Tyrannosaurus Rex 02 | Flickr : partage de photos !

Tyrannosaurus rex 02 by Jake Parker

Dinosaurs pencil by marciolcastro on DeviantArt   ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( & • Love Character Design? Join the #CDChallenge (link→ Share your unique vision of a theme, promote your art in a community of over 25.000 artists! || ★

Dinosaurs pencil by marciolcastro

Grandes teropodos del Mesozoico

Largest Theropod Dinosaurs in comparison with an elephant.

triceratop sketch - Google Search

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Neotheropod apex carnivores of different era : (allosauroids= )Allosaurus(early…

Neotheropod apex carnivores of different eras: Allosaurus (early cretaceous)/ Ceratosaurus (late jurassic)/ Tyrannosaurus-rex (late cretaceous) *Note = The oldest is the ceratosaurus

Dinosaurs 03 by on @DeviantArt

Dinosaurs 03 by marciolcastro