Roliga hattar

King Gustav of Sweden. The king with hilarious hats. Sweden has the best royals!

My new goal while traveling.

My new goal while traveling.- Getting a funny pic with a statue- {Bucket List}

:O aldrig tänkt på det

The funny thing is, I'm not making this up

English, meet my language, Swedish.

Försvunnen hund | SkrattNet

Funny dog pics part A selection of funny dog pics and photos showing the funny side of dogs and dog ownership. Laugh out loud dog humour.

De 14 svenskaste sakerna som har hänt

De mest svenska sakerna som har hänt i världshistorien bilder)

swedish summer

In the bible they called it a catastrophe - in Sweden, we call it summer

Swedish people... This made me laugh!

Do the swedish people really wait for the bus like a swede?

E.T. is still here!

phone homeeeeee haha cant stop laughing!


Irish girl sunbathing--that's totally me at the beach!

Sväng till höger.. om du vill dö? Har varit där.. överlevde!

Sväng till höger.. om du vill dö? Har varit där.. överlevde!

World's most awkward country since 1210 FAQ royal submission problems You've got a Swedish problem?

Hilarious to a Swedish eye :)

Hilarious to a Swedish eye :)

Inappropriate and hilarious -- Shaquille O'Neal

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 87 Pics

Big Tall Shaq Shaquille O'Neal and Wife Reminds Me of a Hamster Eating a Banana: Somehow these two pictures go perfectly together. You know Shaq loves hamsters

Bildresultat för roliga skyltar

max 100 km/h (also applies to bicycles)


Hmmmm so who is getting this for Christmas. lol Maybe Felton DIY: Cutting Board Bird Feeder: This is perhaps one of the most clever DIY's and funny idea's I have seen. I love it a cutting board bird feeder why didn't I think of that?