His wedding band with her fingerprint 
great idea!

Concave Finger Print Ring in 14K White Gold with Cool Matte Finish Size 8

His wedding band with her fingerprint- I want this! My honey's fingerprint on a thick band for me.maybe a middle finger band for the right hand?

Klimpt "Mother and Child"

A beautiful Gustav Klimt art poster! This mother and child are from the larger Art Nouveau painting The Three Ages of Woman.

Lady Guadalupe

Juan Diego's Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma is a fountain of miracles! The imprint of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared on the tilma of an Aztec peasant Juan Diego in This is pretty incredible.

Klimpt "Music"

Gustav Klimt - Die Musik, 1895 - oil on canvas

Warhol Philosophy  Andy’s Best Looks and Words

Andy Warhol Art Print, Art is what you can get away with x Art Prints/Posters)


Klimpt Fractal by ~infinitecreature on deviantART


Melting Crayons is fun! You could draw a scene below, such as someone holding an umbrella and tape it off to keep the melted crayon from covering it.

: )

Flash of blue - Brushstroke Illustrator Brushes