Tree house.

Juvet Landscape Hotel / JSA

Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor - Juvet Landscape Hotel, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway ---Yep, I wanna live here!

A house in the trees.

'Forest House' Hugged by Trees: Chris Tate Architecture ~ New Zealand

#architecture #trees #nature

Indoor and outdoor intwined: Anouk Vogel Landscape Architecture. RushWorld says the future of architecture is demonstrated here, combining indoors and outdoors.

Bringing the nature inside

Artistic home in Cadiz by Pedro Ribeiro Pita

Living in this striking, modern home must be like living inside your own art gallery. Designed by architect Pedro Ribeiro Pita, Cadiz, Spain.

Christian y Claudio Gantous arquitectos, casa s-j.

5 jardines con el más elegante protagonista: el árbol