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How to get ready for a big job interview // Wondering what to #wear for your #job #interview, look no further! #men #2015 #fashion #style #office

some older men with tattoos are just as cool if not even cooler. I dont know who he is, but i would like too.

Many people call falsely beards a trend; what more a dead trend. Is your beard a result of a trend or a style? Let's look at the difference as well as find out what people think about furry bearded men with whiskers. Read my post here >>

This man communicates a clear message of position, power, personality, wealth, importance, good taste and a strong business acumen. In this case, the man has managed to communicate his persona that in many ways defines who he is, without requiring him to speak a word.

Conor McGregor - Inspirational man,

tan blazer

5 Styles: A Guide for Every Man

From #casual to #formal, here are some men's #StyleTips to looking and feeling your best!

32 Examples Of David Gandy's Best Serious Face

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