- Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Round-up of the best

Förskolläraren: Julpyssel med fot-och handavtryck

Förskolläraren: Julpyssel med fot-och handavtryck

The cutest Christmas Craft around! Kids love doing this - and what a great gift card idea!

Footprint and hand print crafts are the cutest projects for kids because as they get older the crafts get cuter. You can see how much your children have grown and changed since they made this Footprint Reindeer Christmas Card.

julpyssel för barn karamellpinne/glasspinne...

30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays. Use to embellish gift wrap or bag or stake into flower pot. Also makes a cute craft for kids (holiday activity).

PInecone Elf - My favorite. Thank you, Martha Stewart.

all sorts of fun little christmas-y crafts for gifts, advents, fun, and whatnot