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Water bottle bubble fun - Projects for Preschoolers

Did you know you can blow bubbles with just a simple single serving water bottle? Oh yes, loads of water bottle bubble fun with items you probably have at home already! Bubbles are one of our favorite preschool activities for summer (or any age really). We played with 3 different variations using just water bottles and a ... Read more

Put paint on papers with droppers then blow on it with straws. Fun from @Aleacia Bachmann @ Dillydaliart


Great blow painting ideas for kids from Raising Sparks. Another of their easy craft activities for kids.

Snowball Games- Minute to win it style games with a winter theme.  Great for an advent calendar activity for the family, for classroom parties or holiday events.

Thinking Zing - Resources for Mindfulness, Kindness and Reflection

Products and ideas that inspire individuals to be confident and kind through self-awareness, reflection, and positive thinking

Perfect tween birthday party theme - Minute to Win It! Lots of fun and easy party ideas!

Minute to Win It – Tween Challenge

Guess what? The Game Show Network (GSN) is bringing Minute to Win It back to TV! I am privileged to be able to share with you the recent announcement that Apolo Anton Ohno, speed skating champion, will be hosting this addictive and exciting game show. It's a new season, with a new host, and all new episodes of Minute to Win It premiering June 25th at 8/7c only on GSN! And see how you can enter to win a $100 Visa gift card, just by reading this post. I know we loved to watch this show as a…

blow cups on strings to make them move. see whose cup is fastest

Combating Cabin Fever With Indoor Games

We had some fun this afternoon, with a game I found suggested in Veronika Alice Gunter's The Ultimate Indoor Game Book. With 200 in-the-house, boredom busting games, it's a great resource for warding off cabin fever. Our game of choice today, was cup racing. The set up was pretty simple. I poked holes in the bottom of two plastic cups, with a pencil... ...threaded a long piece of string through each cup... ...and tied the ends to a couple of chairs, placed back to back, across the room from…

mix food coloring with bubbles and blow onto paper - makes awesome art when they pop!

Art is Basic-- Art Teacher Blog

Elementary art lessons for teachers, homeschoolers and parents. The blog formally known as "Vivid Layers".

Cortical & Subcortical regions involved in swallowing.

Brain & CN's

NEURAL CONTROL OF SWALLOWING The brain communicates with muscles via upper motor neurons and lower motor neurons. The upper motor neurons (UMN) communicates signals from the brain to the lower...

shark party ideas shark themed | Wildlife and animal free printables and print outs | Wildlife Fun 4 ...

Free Printable Animal Straw Toppers for Kids - Mother Natured

Add drama to your drinks with these printable animal straw toppers. Frog straw topper, shark straw topper, snake straw topper & butterfly straw topper.

Huff and Puff Spelling!

Huff and Puff Spelling! Therapy Activity of the Week

[Source: The OT's Bag] I absolutely love this activity I created in a pinch one day and it has since become a favorite of my students. This activity has the added benefit of potentially helping students to calm down. Many times I hear an adult tell a child to take a deep breath to calm down but often a child can’t stay focused enough for this deep breathing. I have found using activities with sustained blowing and a functional goal is much more effective and fun. OT Skills this Activity…

chewing as a sensory need

Sensory Integration for Children Who Chew - Meet Penny

Share & Help Me GrowThis is a guest post from my sweet friend, Kyndra Steinmann, who blogs at Sticks, Stones and Chicken Bones. For years, I have been trying to get my daughter, Mouse, to keep things that aren’t food or drink out of her mouth. Not just her fingers, but pens and pencils, buttons on her […]

Does your sensory child chew all the time? Wonder what you can do to help? Read how! | www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Why Your Sensory Child Chews And How You Can Help

Does your sensory child chew on items constantly throughout their day? Find out how Chewigems USA can benefit you with sensory chews!

The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach is a developmental feeding therapy that allows the child to interact with the food in a playful, non-stressful way. It helps increase the child’s comfort level by exploring different properties of foods, including the color, shape, texture, smell, taste and consistency.

SOS Approach to Feeding

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute uses Dr. Kay Toomey' s Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to feeding to help children develop the skills they need to eat a wide range of healthy foods.

The Sensory Spectrum: What To Do For Biters, Chewers, Suckers, and Pickers. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at pinterest.com/sostherapy for therapy resources.

The Sensory Spectrum | For Sensory Processing Disorder Kiddos and Their Parents

For Sensory Processing Disorder Kiddos and Their Parents