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Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love and live as if this is all there is. Every new year, we like to start off with resolutions and goals after some reflection over the holiday break. Personally, for the past 2-3 years, I've changed up my new year plan by taking out resolutions and replacing them with yearly themes ...

The wind and waves drill know His Name

Muitas pessoas querem ter uma tatuagem, mas têm medo de se arrepender. Ou simplesmente querem alternativas discretas e delicadas.

Tiny Tattoo Idea – Hot New Tiny Tattoo Trend Is Surprisingly Classy (And Kendall Jenner-Approved, If That Matters!

Coincidência eu ter nascido nesse ano? Acho que não

Breaking hearts since 99 \ aesthetic \

Small tattoo blue bird

The Tiny Blue Bird Tattoo by Nando Kakao is a very-very small tattoo of the blue dove flying up the hand. This is a cool tattoo design for a dreamer.

Bird with Paintbrush by Doy

101 Tiny Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink - TattooBlend

You are better than unicorns and sprinkles combined ★ Find more Inspirational Quotes for your #iPhone + #Android @prettywallpaper

You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined ★ Find more Inspirational Quotes for your +

I never changed, I just learned.

I'm tired of people telling me "you've changed." Because I grew up? Because I realized a lot of things? I'm 22 years old! I'm not always going to be that naive old. I'm constantly learning.

I need to remember this!

I say this alllll the time. Also: Cheer up, Buttercup! and when I'm feeding someone Eat up, Buttercup!


Expectations can make you or break you. They can either fuel your desire for success, helping you achieve greatness & granting you the ability to see every less-than-perfect situation as a chance to grow & learn. Or they can be the whisper in your ear con

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