watercolor tattoos @Briana O'Higgins Rosinski the foxxxx!!!

Watercolor tattoos @ Briana O'Higgins Rosinski the foxxxx! I just happened to stumble across this pic of a watercolor fox tattoo & I absolutely love it!

I want something kind of like this on my back.

Or get rid of the Binary Theme and Sara spelt as trees in a forest. I really love the nature theme. Really like the dense forest. I would reduce the shading cause that will blurr with time.

Best Star Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

Tattoo star

I know a lot of people think it's stupid to get a tiny tattoo, but I love the look of this tiny star tattoo & where it's placed.

Racy Rihanna twinkles with a tattoo of falling stars

I guess this is all part of the “good girl gone bad” thing, but “Thug Life” just doesn’t seem fitting with Rihanna’s pop star girly-girl image.

Kinda what I want for my tat. But with gold and silver and falling around the quote!

Wrist tattoo - star tattoo

Wrist tattoo - star tattoo

Small Star tattoos are perfect for those who are looking for compact artwork that will give less pain and to cost less.