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Mathias Röjfors

Mathias Röjfors
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This reminds me of travelling with my best friend Kelly to her aunt's house, one summer when I was just old enough to go alone but not quite old enough to be comfortable with it.    ~ S

"And sometimes, when it hurt too much, I would just sit and stare out the window, thinking WHY as loud as I could and wishing it would all go away." - - Syrian Tachi Prompt Idea: Why is this girl depressed?

I know myself...I know my weaknesses...I know my strengths...only I can set a goal and achieve it...

I know myself.I know my weaknesses.I know my strengths.only I can set a goal and achieve it. you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

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The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop.