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Super creativity :)

Peter Eisenman's Berlin/Holocaust memorial Light and Shadow. I like the way the structure of the building creates strong impressions of light and dark. Also the juxtaposition between the natural and man-made forces interests me.

Mayumi Terada | pilar 010601, 2001

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Terracotta Lamps

Product designer Tomas Kral has created these beautiful red ceramic terracotta lamps. Sporting 1 to 3 lamps on each base.

Helios Table Lamp - the ultimate ambiance maker

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Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni; 'Luminator' Floor Lamp for Gilardi & Barzaghi, 1955.

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni; 'Luminator' Floor Lamp for Gilardi &…

Gino Sarfatti, floor lamp 1063, 1953. For Arteluce, Milano. Via Quittenbaum.

design-is-fine: Gino Sarfatti, floor lamp For Arteluce, Milano. Via Quittenbaum.


The lamp fits on top of a plaster base. shoji paper, galvanised steel and cast plaster base x x include