La Philharmonie - Place de l’Europe, Kirchberg, Grand Duché de Luxembourg, Christian de Portzamparc

Pattern I chose this picture because it has a repetition of the pillars with shadows to create leading lines. It makes me feel like I'm walking through this pathway and I'm about to turn. I really like the use of shadows to create another pattern within a

Tadao Ando, concrete and light.

Koshino House, Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan designed by Tadao Ando Tadao Ando's design for the Koshino House features two pa.

Net Linz installation by Numen/For Use.

Net Numen/For Use create "canyon-like" net staircase for Linz gallery

acting as supplementary staircase in the exhibition space at the OK center for contemporary art, ‘net linz’ by croatian-austrian design collective numen/for use is an inhabitable and climbable social sculpture made of intricately interwoven mesh.

RICHARD SERRA, INTERSECTION II 1992-93: walking in and around giant sculptures.

Monumental minimalist artist Richard Serra is 73 today… Richard Serra: Intersection II, - Weatherproof steel, Four identical conical sections (The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Gift of Jo.

preciousandfregilethings: fiore-rosso: Carlo Scarpa. Canova Plaster Cast Gallery – Museum of Art in Possagno (Italy).

// light + shadow // interior // carlo scarpa // canova plaster cast gallery // museum of art in possagno

Richard Serra's large-scale sculptures always capture the eye and take Center Stage. | Lincoln Black Label

:: PHOTOGRAPHY :: looks like passage through a Richard Serra Installation, whatever it is, I love it ideas architecture masterpiece architecture

Trail House 2

Anne Holtrop TRAIL HOUSE part of exhibition Unknown Territory, Museum De Paviljoens, 2009 - Walkable model. Photo by Bas Princen

Temporary Museum (Lake) 1

Architecture Without a Plan: Projects by Anne Holtrop Temporary Museum (Lake), temporary exhibition space, photo by Bas Princen, Heemskerk (NL), 2010

Temporary Museum (Lake) 2

archatlas: Temporary Museum (Lake) Studio Anne Holtrop from thomortiz