Uma despensa bem organizada é a salvação do dia-a-dia. Invista em potes de vidro que são mais higiênicos e coloque nomes em todos eles para saber o conteúdo. Cestos podem ser práticos na hora de separar frutas e legumes.

keep all your favorite goodies in their places and within reach by storing them in airtight, labeled containers or wire mesh baskets. Extra points for allowing only one row of jars on each shelf.

simple whites and great patterns | Range: Lacanche Cormatin

Maybe you're designing your dream kitchen and you can't decide whether you want upper cabinets or open shelving, white cabinets or dark ones, butcherblock countertops or marble

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kinda liking the corner cupboard idea - even though there is a bit of 'wasted' space - saw some cool ones at ikea

Bildresultat för platsbyggt vitrinskåp bodbyn

Bildresultat för platsbyggt vitrinskåp bodbyn